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There is so much you can create with code and data storage, this might be an innovative way of tracking salmon feed to fish growth rates on a fish farm or commercial fishery for example.

These types of applications can often streamline the way you do business. Helping you keep track of things over a period of time giving you reference points and flags / alerts in the future. It is highly possible to create systems that can detect changes before they fully happen helping you change your business approach to help you future proof your business.

The possibilities are almost endless. If you have a really unique project please get in touch. We are happy to sign a none disclosure acts to help you protect your ideas before we look into producing a quote.

On some complex projects we often help clients plan things out and in some cases a fee has to be charged for this. This is to ensure what you are going to commission us to build is 100% what you and your customers require.

If you would like to discuss your project please feel free to give our office a call any time.