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Over the past few years our team have seen a massive increase in the number of customers wanting to sell online. From this we have gained valuable knowledge and have been able to help many none tech savvy business makes the leap to sell their products online.

Most members of our team are busy passionate anglers who often buy fishing gear and bait online. We also have members who have run online fishing businesses in the past so from this we feel we have a great advantage over other companies due to our valuable experience.

From our experience in this area we often find ourselves giving advice in many more areas than just building and managing your e-commerce shop products. This might be talking about the full process from when you get an order to making sure you are working in the most efficient way.

Below are some important things to think about before selling online, feel free to give us a call to discuss any of these points

  • What payment gateways will you use and how much will it cost you?
  • What delivery company will you use and how will the postage be worked out?
  • What if I go on holiday for 2 weeks in the summer! Selling online is a big commitment and social media is a killer!
  • Will you just sell in the UK, are there any restrictions / tax issues if you sell outside of the UK.