Digital Fishing's Story / History So Far

A background into how we originated

The company 'Digital Fishing Limited' was founded / created on the 8th of September 2013 by Jack Sowden & Rachel Allen.

Things originally began back in early 2010 when a website called Fishery Network was created by Jack. This website had been in planning since the summer of 2009 and was the first of its kind by far. This website was part of Jacks final major project at university where he received a BA First Class Honors Degree in website design.

Jack graduated from university and started his own company ‘Sowdens Website Solutions Limited’. This company design and develop websites and also offer consultancy services to start up web-based companies and help traditional design agencies develop their skills to handle the new digital era. From this experience and his contacts we can also offer a wide range of none digital products such as product catalogues and general printed media.

After working in the website design & development industry for a number of years Jack realised that he could use his skills & knowledge to build websites for fishing related businesses very efficiently as he understood both the trade and consumer side of this sector.

A bit about Jack
Jack Sowden, fishing back in 1990, then carp fishing in 2012

Jack has been a keen angler since the age of 10 when his grandad Ron Sowden introduced him to the sport and from then on he was hooked! Jack has worked in fishing shops and previously managed an eBay fishing store.  With the help of Dave Laws, he started the first bait rolling service in Yorkshire from his dad’s garage. After this, time flew by and for a number of years fishing was taken out of Jacks life as he grow up and turned his passion to body building and general things that distract young people!

Photo right is the first time Jack went fishing back in 1990 and with a fish he caught in 2012 from the Carp Society’s venue, Horseshoe Lake.

If you would like to learn more about Jacks fishing please visit our blog

Back to Fishery Network, it has been re-developed a number of times over the years since its creation. But realistically Jack just did not have the time and funds to get Fishery Network developed and suitable for market. It was at this point he made the decision to form a new company ‘Digital Fishing Limited’ which would manage and develop Fishery Network, also with the plan to create a group of other fishing related websites, which he also has ideas for.

The company also offer website design and development services to any clients in the angling business sector. More information about the services we provide can be found here.

So that is our story up to date and as anew company we are really looking forward to our future, thank you for reading and we cannot wait for you to see some of our new ideas that utilise the latest digital technology available, which can be integrated into your fishing.

If you have any ideas for websites that could help anglers or fishery owners please get in touch! We want to make websites & web applications that enhance your fishing experiences