Our Fishing Websites

A our group of fishing related websites we have created

We currently have 2 of our own websites live with plans for 3 more in the near future. The other 3 websites will be launched as soon as we are totally satisfied with Fishery Network. We have started development of these additional websites but have halted this whilst we get Fishery Network fully functioning.

All of our websites use the latest web technology to enhance anglers & fishery owner’s experiences whilst browsing the Internet and also whilst out on the bank. We are always open to suggestions from our website users, if you have any ideas you would like to put forward please get in touch.

We are making these sites for you, so your feedback and input is vital to help us create the best products that you can enjoy using and benefit from.

All of our future websites are being carefully planned and we are seeking possible funding or joint venture with leading tackle dealers, manufacturers or professional anglers. We are open to suggestions in this area so feel free to get in touch.

Fishery Network

This website enables users to sign up and add fisheries, along with it’s details and plot the exact location of the fishery on a Google map. The location of the fishery is a really important part of this site as it allows you to find nearby fisheries in locations you may not be familiar with. This fishery finding feature can be particularly useful when on holiday for example.

Anyone can add a fishery but the actual owner of the fishery can claim it if they wish to.
Each fishery gets its own profile page with various features like local weather and a direction services. On this profile page, logged in users can add catches, reviews and tag useful information against the fishery.

There are lots of plans for this website in the near future and we would like to encourage the fishery owners to become more involved. We have some exciting features planned for fisheries, which offer angling holidays. Why not go over to the website and have a look, maybe even add a fishery or a catch.

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Carp Fishing Blog

Originally this was just going to be a blog for our founder Jack Sowden but after more thought we have decided to develop this site in to a collaborative blog and tackle review website.

We have decided to let enthusiastic Carp Anglers who are willing to write about their fishing sign up as contributors. Once successfully signed up they are free to blog about their fishing and also give them a great place to promote associated tackle they use.

One part of the Carp Fishing blog we are now exploring is tackle reviews; any contributor will be allowed to publish these. All content on this website has to be passed by one of our team and we also offer a service where we will arrange proof reading of your articles. We will even offer suggestions of how you could improve your articles in the future. This will allow many carp anglers to use the platform, as we totally understand that some people find it difficult to communicate their view in words or may find spelling difficult.

Digital Fishing Limited co founder Jack Sowden is dyslexic so we are used to correcting his writing. Please don’t let your spelling / English put you off submitting articles or think it will hold you back.

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